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This curious name stands for a highly specialised piece of software which has been developed to simulate a real, living pipe organ in a computer to provide organists with a possibility of playing and practising a pipe organ at home. Nevertheless, this description is only one part of the whole product.

At the beginning in 2002 the first steps in the development had the character of a try and this impression remained in my mind for a long time. The sounding results reminded of a pipe organ, but they were unfortunately still very far away from the original feeling and from the taste of a real organ. Every two years I came in touch with the developer to be ready to buy the software as soon it would become a convincing product.

Version 2 was a little more interesting than the first version; version 3 became suspenseful, and the final version 4 was the breathtaking step to a real ,virtual‘ organ:
Starting from that stage it was possible to generate a real pipe organ sound inside the computer. For example, there is nearly no difference to be heard between a sound recording of the virtual and that of the real organ for a CD production.

This goal became realistic with the strong development of today‘s computer technology which is able to handle the giant data flow of this software without any problems as well as meeting all the demands, made by this software system.

There are two groups of people who care about this product: on the one hand, the ones who develop the software itself, on the other hand the ones who care about the organs which can be played with the system. In other words: the latter do the recordings of every single pipe in an organ to reproduce later the whole instrument inside the software ,Hauptwerk‘. Over the last years, a small market of such producers has been developed and is already able to offer a wide assortment of different organs in various styles and sizes. The main point is the fascination and the love for this fantastic music instrument, named ,organ‘.

Today, there is a collection of organ sets available which covers nearly all styles, eras and nations of organ art. In fact, in this way it is possible to play all these beautiful instruments at home in fascinating sound quality, subject to a professional sound equipment.

Since the last ten years I have been observing the development of Hauptwerk. I started the preparations to install the system later, after it would have been finished as I planned to install a system without any compromises.

Now as it has been completely installed and it is ready to play I am convinced that some details of my installation are interesting for my professional colleagues as well as for laymen, excited about organ music and art. This is why I added this chapter about ,Hauptwerk‘ here to my website. I am afraid I need to say that the current installation here, in my view, is one of the most capable and elaborate systems worldwide.

In the chapter ,Console‘ you may learn about the construction of my unique console and under ,technics‘ you can find some more information about the Mac system. Finally, you can have a look at a listing of the virtual organs which can be played here at my place.